Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

After receival of the goods, the consumer has the cooling down perdiod of 2 weeks to return the goods. If the Consumer exercises his right of withdrawal he shall notify Geodox VOF unambiguously with the standard form for withdrawal within the period of reflection (see appendix I).  
The consumer needs to take care of returning the products, propely packed to prevent any damage to the products. In case of a correct claim, Geodox will, within 14 days after receival of the goods, return the payment. 

Privacy notice

Cosch handels your personal details with care. This means that Cosch will never provide this informatie to others. 

Cosch requests you to fill in your phone number and e-mail address , so that we, in case required, can contact you. 

The legal requirements for the protection of personal information as written down in the "Wet Persoonsregistraties/ de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens", are propely followed by Cosch. Customers have allways the option to look into their own account information, to update it and to delete the information. In case a customer would like to delete their account, we request to send an email to info@cosch.eu with subject: "delete account information". This is only possible with the use of the email which is connected to the account or with a copy of a legal identification. 

Geodox will store the information as provided by the customer in a file. This information will be used to process the order of the customer. 

Your information is stored by Cosch in an automated system. You can receive notice on a regular basis, e.g. on new products or specials. In that case, you can update your personal account with the option " receive newsletter" marked. 

Guarante, Not-good-return money and complaints 

Of course, Cosch is taking special effort to complete your order as good as possible. 

On all products, as delivered via Geodox the common legal guarantee rules are applicable. 

The customer has the obligation to conduct the delivery properly in order to check whether it is according to the expectation. If this is not the case, Cosch requests the customer to inform Cosch as soon as possible, and in any case within 21 days after delivery or when notice of the problem. Cosch requests proper and written motivation of the problem.

In case the product is not fullfills the agreement, the customer has the option to receive a replacing product or have the payment on the product returned.

By confirming the order, you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions. 

Cosch is not liable for inconsistencies in prices, pictures or texts on the site. 

Appendix I: Standard form for withdrawal

Standard Form for Withdrawal

(Complete this form and return it only when you want to revoke the agreement)

- To: Cosch BV
Helsestraat 1a , 5674 BA, Nuenen, the Netherlands

- I/We hereby inform you that I/we wish to revoke our agreement on the sale of the following products: [specification of the product]*

- Ordered on*/received on* [date of ordering the services or receiving products]*
- [name]
- [address]
- [signature] (only when this form is submitted on paper)

*) Delete and/or complete where appropriate.